Critique #3 -Where is my mind?

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 2.08.50 PM.pngAs my critique comes up today, i’ll have one thought. Wheres my mind? I’ve been feeling lately that no matter what I do, its not enough for anyone here. Especially after getting a very lovely email earlier in the week, (that was sarcasm it wasnt very nice at all). I dont know what I love anymore. Its all been alot to figure out.

Also yesterday was the 2 year anniversary since my best friend died. So that was a tough moment. But it was a beautiful day outside.

I’ll probably make more sense once i’m done giving my critique today.

Oh and heres some art^^^

Critique #1 spring Quarter Pre Game

Well its finally here, the first critique of this semester. Honestly I haven’t been looking forward to this at all. I just feel like no matter what I present anymore it isn’t good enough for the people who critique it in our program. Its made me feel very discouraged and has made me not want to participate in general.

So in the background I’ve been doing my own critiques with people who can give me advice and guidance. As i came into this semester with an already pre planned project of 21 pages, nothing has really changed. I am in the process of creating the comic itself and adding the possible Augmented Reality/ Animated aspects to it.

When i go into my critique tomorrow, i’ll be going in with the realization that the audience i’m presenting to isnt the audience that my art is made for. And thats okay.


Its finally almost the end of this long long semester.

Hey everyone,


long time no talk. I didnt honestly think I was going to post before my critique today. But yet here i am.


Where to start,

I may not be coming back after this semester. This has been a tough decision to make, but a few of the main reasons have been the isolation I’ve felt since mid semester and the fact that I now feel even more unsure of my art and future than I did before coming in. If you have anything negative to say to me, then don’t. You don’t realize how many nights I’ve been struggling with the thought of possibly dropping out.

But back to my final project.

Well. Its done. Im glad that it is done. I wish i could talk about how much i struggled to accept this as my final project, but i really dont want to. I decided the storyboards and my Augmented Reality project for my Digital Culture course would be the things I would present today.


So here we are. Congrats you guys and gals, we made it.


Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.00.25 AM.png

Arduino Struggles

Hey y’all sorry ive been offline on this for a week or two. My project has been going through some edits. But thats a different subject. So we learned how to make something blink in class . Which was pretty cool. So heres a few photos and videos that i took of the whole experience.

43476138_242650889751395_2263222665756016640_n (1).jpg



ill upload more later.


First Critique Freak

It’s finally here. All the time I’ve spent these last few weeks has finally come to this. Needless to say I am pretty darn nervous. But yet I am also excited as well. Okay, enough of that. So I decided when pitching to CCAD that i would pitch my story “P.A.H.” In the beginning it was a cheesy college story. Cliche I know. But i loved it. CCAD did too apparently.

But as time passed one of the other stories ive been working on began knocking on the door in my mind, asking to be let out.

Which is why “S.S” was resurected.

Both these stories hold alot of significance to me. As i have both dealt with the sudden death of a close friend and the trouble that ensues after abuse.

A young man I use to be very close to (dated for almost three years) passed away on March 27, 2017. Hours before the first day of my spring quarter at SCAD. I had litterally just talked to him earlier the night before.

The last thing he ever said to me was “jessi I know you can do anything.”

I shouldve told him how much he meant to me as a friend.

Needless to say, it broke me.


So this is how my bartender story got revised and became “S.S”

“S.S” is also a way for me to possibly get some closure on the fact that my close friend passed away. The fact that a spirit is involved is giving me the hope that maybe just maybe , he is watching over me proud.

“P.A.H.” was evolved to include the focus of abuse. How you need friends in trying times. I was the victim of an accident a few years ago that has made me partially deaf in my right ear.

I only recently found this out after numerous steroid injections, medication, and hope. It been interesting.


Also i thought i’d bring this up as well. I am sorry. Im sorry if these posts seem to jump subjects constantly. I was recently sadly forced to switch medications due to a new doctor. After being on Vyvanse since i was 10, i was told to get off of it cold turkey and begin taking an antidepressant instead (its a bit weird). So im on week 2 of weening off of vyvanse and taking the antidepressant. So my adhd does slip through a bit more now.


So heres some generic artwork i have for presentation


Billy Ireland

Hey y’all,


Long time no post. But seriously, I am sorry I havent posted in awhile. Things have been crazy. (I’ll explain in the next post). So i just wanted to talk about my trip to the Billy Ireland Museum with my class yesterday. It was pretty awesome. I have previously gone there once before with a few friends and my family, but it was pretty cool to be able to go into the secret catacombs of the back storage. It was like a maze of excitement.

So i’ll explain how it looked in there.

When we first entered we were all smushed together like a can of sardines in this side room. The view of the art was pretty cool. 42556433_2146871625363808_3375138412485935104_o



Once our adventure was done in this room we went forward with the expedition into the Comical Unknown.

We then gathered around displays filled to the brim with so much art that if I had the chance to go through all of them, I probably wouldve been there for ages.


We also got to see some pretty cool Charlie Brown stuff. 42533422_2146872952030342_2965806923707842560_o.jpg

Look at how adorable he is.


We then went further in and saw a ton of neat art. I dont want to make you all suffer through my 40+ photos of the trip so here some ancient cool stuff.



In all aspects this trip was pretty awesome. Especially since my Bachelors Degree was in Sequential Art. So this was definitely up my alley.


I hope one day i can get a chance to work at this amazing place, as it reminds me of why i got into comics in the first place.


Thanks for listening to me blabber.

Heres a doodle

Things have been busy and stressful this week. With my industry work being due and my zine sketches due as well, plus my grad work and GA job, im running like a mad man. Hopefully things will get better soon.


Heres a doodle to keep you all company. Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 12.06.54 PM